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About Us

The primary goal for is to provide cash grants to those whose amazing ideas are overlooked by traditional investors who fund software innovations based on the potential for financial profit. Secondly, we strive to create a community of passionate individuals, innovative software developers and concerned organizations to support and raise funds for software technology whose aim is to solve the most basic and complex problems of our times. It is our hope that, freed from the startup costs of software development, that entrepreneurs, philanthropists and developers will have the opportunity to exchange and share ideas which will lead to the creation of software and software technology that will change the lives of communities and individuals around the world.

With a starting capital of $5M donated by Andrew Conru, whose success also began with an eight-thousand dollar development grant from a non-profit organization. Today, Andrew's operational belief in helping others and innate passion for technological innovation and entrepreneurism are coming together to create - a non-profit foundation which is the merger between philanthropy and technology. can also offer free business startup advice and access to for-profit funding alternatives for projects that fall outside of our original charter.

Do you have a project idea? Would your non-profit benefit from customized software designed? Do you need software development support? Are you passionate about the possibility of changing the world by empowering people who develop innovative software? Do you have technical or business mentoring experience and want to work with companies we help fund? Contact and let's see what we can do together!

Andrew Conru

Andrew Conru

Andrew Conru is no stranger to the fields of business and technology spanning two decades as a successful entrepreneur. He founded his first Internet website development company in 1993 while acquiring his PhD at Stanford University. Since then, Andrew founded several organizations including Focalink Communications/AdKnowledge (first company to centralize Internet banner advertising), (first online personals site), W3 (first commercial website personalization software company_, Ad Agency (a large affiliate network) and Friend Finder Network (world's largest online personals with 300 million members). He holds a PhD in Engineering Design from Stanford University, an MSME in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a BS in Economics and Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Andrew's career spans in various areas in business technology strategy, marketing and advertising, social networking ventures and teaching. He also enjoys oil painting and mentoring others.

Jonathan Buckheit

Jonathan Buckheit

Like Andrew Buckheit, Jon received his Ph.D. from Stanford (in statistics), and became part of the entrepreneurial world of Silicon Valley. For ten years until its sale in 2007, he was the founder and CEO of Yield Dynamics, Inc., a provider of enterprise software to increase the manufacturing efficiency of semiconductor chip and flat panel display devices. He developed much of Yield Dynamics' early technology, and was also involved in developing some of the earliest websites at Stanford University and software released by Stanford to perform image and signal processing, at the time believed to be one of the most widely used such platforms in the world.

Jon has also served on various non-profit boards, currently the Steinway Society of the Bay Area, which in addition to being a classical music series in the Bay Area, provides scholarships for music instruction. His experience also spans private venture capital investing, and he is familiar with funding software and technology development.

At, Jon is part of the team that matches the best funding opportunities submitted to's pool of available resources.

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