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Bookmark and Share funds individuals and organizations who want to build software to address issues facing the global community.

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Have a software-related idea that can help others?
Are you a developer who needs seed or grant money to help flesh out your product?'s mission is to help make these ideas happen!

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Get up to $50K cash!
If you have a project that needs money or even an idea for a project that you'd like someone to develop, let us know!

Make sure you give details as to the scale of the problem you're trying to solve, the impact of your solution, and what financial and development resources you need to make it a success.

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Want to help?

Are you a software developer who has a passion for helping others? Have some free time to make a difference? We are collecting projects that are looking for you!

Please include a bio/resume, what type of projects you would like to work on, and your availability. We will contact you when there are matching opportunities.

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Know people?

You know of people or organizations in need of software development support? Connect us with them and if we fund them, get 5% of the grant as a thank you - that's up to $2,500 USD!

While you can tell us who they are, the best way to proceed is to have them submit a proposal and mention you.

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